American Banks Send Experienced Representatives to Canada




Eric Fornell is vice chairman of investment banking and capital markets for Wells Fargo Securities. From his base in New York City, Eric Fornell has been instrumental in expanding the company’s investment banking efforts into Canada.

A story published in the Toronto Globe and Mail portrayed Fornell as experienced in his field and able to avoid potential problems in business situations through capable dealings. The article described Fornell as “a veteran U.S. banker” who skillfully “stick-handled the file” when working to advise TransCanada Ltd. on acquiring the Columbia Pipeline Group.

American banks have increasingly begun to push into Canada, peddling their lending capabilities, and have won some of the choicest merger-and-acquisition contracts available in that country. But according to the Globe and Mail article, it takes more than their lending power to win Canadian business. Wells Fargo’s experience in handling companies looking to make hard-asset acquisitions has been helpful, and having experienced representatives like Fornell on hand who are well-versed in the peculiarities of companies they are working with can be just as essential.