Wells Fargo Enjoys Financial Success North of the Border

Wells Fargo pic

Wells Fargo
Image: wellsfargo.com

Veteran financial professional Eric Fornell serves as vice chairman of investment banking at Wells Fargo Securities in New York, New York. Responsible for the bank’s successful expansion into Canada, Eric Fornell personally oversaw the company’s Calgary- and Toronto-based teams.

In recent years, American financial institutions have enjoyed a great deal of success moving north into Canadian markets. Merrill Lynch and Citi were among the first to make the jump, beginning in 2009. Wells Fargo is one of the more recent adapters, but the investment giant has made significant progress in Canada already.

Part of Well Fargo’s success comes from the sheer amount of capital it has to lend in Canadian markets. Company representatives made the rounds with major Canadian companies early in the game, emphasizing the big bank’s ability to deliver. Wells Fargo also has been able to leverage its holdings in tangible assets including rail and pipelines, which appeal to big names in Canadian and American business.