Critical Thinking and Scholarly Research Paramount at Liggett School

University Liggett School pic

University Liggett School

As the vice chairman of investment banking with Wells Fargo Securities in New York, Eric Fornell helps clients make wise investments in the energy and utility sectors. An active supporter of education, Eric Fornell has volunteered on the board of trustees for the University Liggett School, the high school he attended as a young man.

The University Liggett School is one of Michigan’s premiere private schools for students in pre-kindergarten through the 12th grade. Nationally recognized for its excellence, the institution is known for small class sizes, top-tier educators, and curriculum that puts students in control of their learning.

Older students at Liggett participate in an academic research program during their last four years at the school. Freshmen and sophomores practice their research skills and continue to build up strong foundations in critical thinking and applied learning. Juniors and seniors go on to engage in scholarly research, which ends with a cumulative research project tailored to each individual’s unique interests. Students receive an opportunity to present their findings publicly, providing them with valuable experience that serves them as they continue on to higher education.