Short Game Tips for Golf

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Short Game Tips

A finance professional with more than 30 years of experience in investment and banking in the oil and gas sector, Eric Fornell serves as the vice chairman of investment banking for Wells Fargo Securities. In his leisure time, Eric Fornell is an avid golfer and is constantly working to improve in all aspects, including the short game.

High-loft clubs can be a detriment to beginner and intermediate players looking to tighten up their short game. These types of clubs, such as a sand wedge, require precision and impeccable ball-striking ability. Striking the bar poorly, however, can result in some pretty terrible shots. In order to lower shot variance and dependency on striking the ball, try using a lower-loft club, such as a 7-iron or 8-iron, hitting a bump-and-run type shot rather than a traditional lofty pitch. This approach is more forgiving, both in striking dependence and directional placement.

For shots that are almost certainly going to find the green, speed is much more of a concern than perfect placement. Hitting a green is wonderful, but if it takes you three puts to put the ball in the hole, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. This happens often, however, because players focus on trying to perfectly aim for the pin rather than account for the speed and break of the green. Instead of zeroing in on the pin, work on placing a shot that won’t zoom past the hole, or conversely come up short because you misread the speed of the green.